Andrew Hatch

I have worked in the technology industry for over 20 years, predominantly in Australia, with time spent in India and, recently, in the USA. My experience ranges from small to large-scale projects in multiple roles and industries spanning software engineering, consulting, and operations. In 2020 I migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area to take up a role at LinkedIn as an SRE Manager. Before this, I spent 6 years working at Australia's biggest online jobs and recruitment platform with the critical role of moving the business into AWS and up-leveling their Platform Engineering and Incident Management practices to support this. Since 2013, I have worked primarily in SRE Management roles and, through this experience, developed a passion for learning and adapting to complex systems and helping teams and organizations learn more from incidents to create better software, more resilient systems, and happier, empowered teams. I am a lifelong surfer and can now be found adapting to the crowds at Santa Cruz in California when not at work or at home with family.

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