Applying SRE Principles to CI/CD

Friday, December 09, 2022 - 9:00 am9:30 am AEDT

Mel Kaulfuss, Buildkite


The automation of building & testing code with CI/CD enables us to ship code easily and frequently with a high level of trust that bugs won't impact end-users. Why then are our CI/CD systems still often painfully slow, unreliable & our ability to deliver frequently blocked? Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) aims to reduce the pain caused by unhealthy platforms & processes that affect the reliability & stability of production systems. Join Buildkite's Mel Kaulfuss as she looks at CI/CD through the SRE lens. Learn how to define meaningful SLOs (service-level objectives) & SLIs (service-level indicators), and use error budgets to tune your test suites & pipelines to manage CI/CD infrastructure & processes just as you would production systems.

Mel Kaulfuss, Buildkite

Mel is Lead Developer Advocate at Buildkite. She's spent the past decade delivering software wearing many hats; Software Engineer, Production Coordinator, Project Manager. She's driven by creating safe spaces, inclusive teams and communities. She's organised and emceed numerous RubyConfs in Australia, and most recently launched Buildkite's own developer conference; Unblock. When she's not clickity clacking, she's patting dogs, eating strawberries, learning German and watching Nordic Noir.

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