Advanced Linux Kernel Networking Monitoring

Friday, December 09, 2022 - 1:20 pm2:20 pm AEDT

Jizhong Jiang and Shane Xie, Alibaba Cloud


Linux networking stack is very complex, especially when container is involved. The heavily used linux netns, virtual device, ipvs, iptables makes it easier for network jitter to occur inside the node, and it is more difficult to troubleshoot. As cloud kubernetes prodiver, we have had all kinds of networking issues, and we developed a kernel monitor tool which named net-exporter to help us to determine the cause of networking issues.

In this talk, we will describe how linux container networking works, what would happen when a networking packet was sent/received, the common networking issues in container environment and the root cause of the issues. Also we will illustrate the implementation of net-exporter, and how to use net-exporter to troubleshoot network issues.

Jizhong Jiang, Alibaba Cloud

Jizhong Jiang is a staff engineer of Alibaba Cloud, mainly responsible for the work of container networking and AIOps. He have been worked on container for more than 8 years.

Shane Xie, Alibaba Cloud

Shane Xie is a senior engineer on Container Service for Kubernetes(ACK) team at Alibaba Cloud. He has devoted most of his time to container networks, and all sorts of observabilities around them.

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