Sandi Friend

Sandi Friend, now the manager of Technical Training and Documentation at LinkedIn, has been onboarding LinkedIn engineers for 9 years. During this time she has established several programs including an award winning Engineer Bootcamp that has proven to reduce onboarding time, increase productivity and prepare the engineer for embedding in their team. She has also created and scaled programs to facilitate knowledge sharing through Tech Talks, labs, videos and other methods completely generated by the engineers themselves. Prior to joining LinkedIn she spent twenty plus years in the high tech industry creating and delivering technical training for various customers throughout the world. To better help the engineers at LinkedIn, Sandi is expanding her expertise to include accessibility so she is able to foster training, documentation and tooling that is available to everyone. She is also evaluating options for improving training, documentation and development processes to accommodate the hybrid workforce while still maintaining quality and engagement. She is a world traveller that resides in Austin, TX with her teenage daughter. She enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. But right now she is settling for a good movie.

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