Sachin Kamboj

Sachin Kamboj is a senior software engineer at Bloomberg, where he is part of the team that's designing and building Bloomberg's on-prem next-generation Platform as a Service platform based upon Kubernetes. He has been using Kubernetes in production since 2016 and has presented at KubeCon and has been nominated for best paper awards twice. Before joining Bloomberg, Sachin was an academic working on distributed systems and multi-agent systems and was the principal software architect behind the University of Delaware's vehicle-to-grid project that lead to a successful startup. Sachin loves breaking things to try to understand how they really work and tries to question why things are built and work the way they do. He is a strong proponent of chaos engineering and has used it successfully to make systems that are more robust and resilient to failures. When not breaking things, he spends his time playing with his two kids and enjoys hiking and ultimate frisbee.