Resilience Engineering Options: Unintended Consequences of Product Decisions

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 3:40 pm4:00 pm

Brian Wilcox, LinkedIn


Everyone wants their product "always available" and "super fast." But how important is that really? Should we compromise our time-to-market because our availability is less than seven nines? Should we stop developing features because data consistency is more important? Take a walk with me through some unintended consequences of product constraints, good ways to deal with them without breaking timelines and banks, and get some ideas to give your PMs context to make more informed decisions.

Brian Wilcox, LinkedIn

Brian Wilcox is a simplicity enthusiast building the right systems to solve the hard problems. From structural engineering to video games to distributed systems, Brian likes to forage on various technologies and apply the best practices from various disciplines.

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