Wheel of Misadventure: Mocking Site Incidents

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 3:40 pm4:00 pm

Brian Wilcox and Ben Goldsbury, LinkedIn


Wheel of Misadventure breaks down a real site incident into a replayable format where Engineers can experience the thrills of being on-call without the pressure of the site actually being down. LinkedIn has been using this as a method to propagate best practices, decimating information about new tools and bring a little levity to stressful part of the job.

Brian Wilcox, LinkedIn

Brian Wilcox is a simplicity enthusiast building the right systems to solve the hard problems. From structural engineering to video games to distributed systems, Brian likes to forage on various technologies and apply the best practices from various disciplines.

Ben Goldsbury, LinkedIn

Ben Goldsbury, Premier Oncall-ogist Coder, systems engineer, and mentor. Preference for Python. Passionate about solving technical problems. Critical thinking is my favorite activity.

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