How to Enable a Large Enterprise with SRE Capability

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Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 12:40 pm1:00 pm

Murty Susarla and Carla Beichner, Fannie Mae


So, what if you aren’t Google or Netflix – how do you introduce and stand up SRE capabilities in a more traditional enterprise? It's time to break the stereotype that SRE is only needed, and can only be implemented, in certain environments. We are from an enterprise where we make homeownership a reality for millions of Americans. We would like to share our story of implementing SRE capabilities within our enterprise, and to share our success and lessons learned. We would like to share our experience in order to give others a roadmap to follow for successful SRE Implementation—from defining the problem statement to educating the leadership and the enterprise, from understanding how SRE is different from other roles to starting a pilot POC, we would like to walk you through the road we took to make a difference.

Murty Susarla, Fannie Mae

Murty Susarla has decades of experience with software development and delivery. Currently leading the efforts of SRE strategy and adoption including performance engineering, testing, and chaos engineering at Fannie Mae. Murty is known for tackling complex and challenging initiatives in the organizations. Prior to this he has built the practice and teams for Architecture Review Board, Salesforce implementations and a host of application/data warehouse initiatives. In his spare time, he teaches mathematics, chemistry and geography to middle and high school students.

Carla Beichner, Fannie Mae

Carla Beichner is an experienced technology leader focused on enterprise agile and DevOps transformation – driving organizations to deliver faster without sacrificing quality and customer experience. An award-winning leader currently focused on driving operational excellence across Fannie Mae in order to achieve continuous delivery, agile maturity, and fast, frequent delivery at scale.

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