Troubleshooting Microservices with eBPF

Due to the evolving Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, SREcon20 Americas West has been rescheduled to June 2–4, 2020.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - 4:00 pm4:35 pm

Jonathan Perry, Flowmill

Core Principles

Over the past year, eBPF tracing has shifted from a niche technology to a powerful observability tool that ships with every Linux kernel. It enables incredibly powerful profiling of container-based applications at the operating system level, without worrying about the languages and frameworks used.

This talk will show you how to get beyond playing with some open source eBPF tools and examine where and when they should be used to tackle observability challenges. We’ll look at a number of specific use cases in networking and system performance that eBPF is particularly well suited to approach. Finally, we’ll talk about how to implement eBPF tracing continuously in microservice-based environments like Kubernetes.

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