Improve Observability Using Resilience Engineering

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Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 3:40 pm4:00 pm

Chinmay Parida, Nike


Do you worry about Observability of your services? Or you recently had an incident that exposed some gaps in overall Observability of your services? Have you noticed not every product team treats Observability the same? This talk walks you through how to validate and improve Observability of your services continuously by applying Resilience engineering.

Chinmay Parida, Nike Inc.

Chinmay Parida's background is in Site Reliability Engineering, software engineering, distributed systems, and computer science. He has worked in Software Engineering since 2005, first as SWE and then as an SRE for the last 9 years. Currently he works as a Director of SRE @Nike managing a team of SREs that are responsible for building Observability solutions, practicing Resilience engineering & improving overall reliability of services and infrastructure at Nike.

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