Blameless Postmortems: How to Actually Do Them

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - 11:00 am12:30 pm

George Miranda and Nasim Yazdani, PagerDuty


Everyone talks about blameless postmortems and their value. But human nature is to place blame. How can you and your teams get around that natural instinct? How do you actually do blameless in a step-by-step replicable way? This workshop gives attendees actionable steps they can follow with their own teams to start building a culture of blamelessness today.

George Miranda, PagerDuty

George Miranda is a Community Advocate at PagerDuty, an infrastructure engineer, and a former EMT & First Responder. He is passionate about the systems we use to effectively manage crisis situations and how we learn to continuously improve our practices. He is the author of the O'Reilly eBook, "The Service Mesh: Resilient Service-to-Service Communication for Cloud-Native Applications". Prior to working for software vendors like Buoyant and Chef Software, he worked as an on-call engineer for over 15 years. He enjoys his time roaming the world as a Digital Nomad (with a permanent home in the Pacific Northwest), small-batch artisanal whiskey, and writing third-person biographies no one reads.

Nasim Yazdani, PagerDuty

Nasim Yazdani is a Program Manager for the Customer Education team at PagerDuty, where she designs and delivers curriculum aimed at helping people on-call make the best out of challenging experiences. Prior to starting the Customer Education team, she has consistently worked with customers to help them reach success at a handful of other software companies in the Bay Area. She lives in San Francisco where she enjoys being a coffee connoisseur/crazy cat lady, and looking at homes she can't afford.

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