Chaos Engineering Bootcamp

Due to the evolving Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, SREcon20 Americas West has been rescheduled to June 2–4, 2020.
More information is available here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - 2:00 pm5:30 pm

Ana Margarita Medina and Jason Yee, Gremlin


Chaos engineering is the practice of conducting thoughtful, planned experiments designed to reveal weaknesses in our systems. This hands-on workshop will share how you can get started practicing Chaos Engineering. We will cover the tools and practices needed to implement Chaos Engineering in your organization. Even if you're already using chaos engineering, you'll learn to identify new ways to use chaos engineering within your engineering organization and discover how other companies are using chaos engineering—and the positive results they have had using chaos to create reliable distributed systems.

Ana Margarita Medina, Gremlin

Ana is currently working as a Chaos Engineer at Gremlin, helping companies avoid outages by running proactive chaos engineering experiments. Previously, she worked at Uber as an engineer on the SRE and Infrastructure teams, where she specifically focused on chaos engineering and cloud computing. Catch her tweeting at @Ana_M_Medina about traveling, diversity in tech, and mental health.

Jason Yee, Gremlin

Jason is the Director of Advocacy @ Gremlin. Previously he was a Technical Evangelist at Datadog, the Community Manager for DevOps & Performance at O'Reilly Media and a Software Engineer at MongoDB. He spends much of his time traveling, drinking whiskey, and catching pokémon.

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