Hot Swap Your Datastore: A Practical Approach and Lessons Learned

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Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 9:30 am10:20 am

Mehmet Can Kurt and Raj Shekhar, Quantcast


This talk is about how we migrated from an in-house legacy datastore that handles 1.5 million lookup requests (per second) to a more reliable, flexible, and cheaper system.

We will talk about how achieved three major goals for the migration process:

  • at least similar or better performance than the legacy system
  • ensure the quality and correctness of the data served by the new system, and
  • do the first two without any downtime on production and affecting the company’s main revenue generating product.

The talk is aimed at software engineers and site reliability engineers who are thinking of replacing a critical part of their distributed system.

Mehmet Can Kurt, Quantcast

Mehmet is a Senior Software Engineer at Quantcast working on the large scale data processing frameworks in the company. He enjoys working on all aspects of distributed computing and has a special interest in reliability. Off work, you can find him kicking the soccer ball and going on long hikes with his dog Sherlock.

Raj Shekhar, Quantcast

Raj is a Staff System Engineer at Quantcast, working on maintaining the uptime and reliability of the servers tracking Quantcast pixels across the web. He enjoys poking sleeping dragons in large scale distributed systems. When not working, you can find him planning his next getaway, usually to a place accessible by motorcycle.

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