Asynchronous Computing at Facebook Scale

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Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 3:05 pm3:40 pm

Bo Huang and Carla Souza, Facebook


A lot of work happens behind the scenes that requires time and processing that should not block real-time actions in our products. Things like notifications, events' invites, and video rendering may entail long waits or require a large amount of processing power. This talk details how Facebook handles asynchronous processing at large scale, and the challenges that come with maintaining the reliability of a large multi-tenant system constantly growing in demand.

Bo Huang, Facebook

Bo is a software engineer with over 10-years of experience in distributed system and developer tools areas. At Facebook, he helps the team to build asynchronous computing systems to support 2B users scale. Prior to Facebook, he worked on Visual Studio and Data Platform tools at Microsoft.

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