Unconscious Bias & El Niño—Acknowledging and Addressing Bias without Flying in the Face of Every Storm

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 4:30 pm5:20 pm

Jamie L. Henderson, LinkedIn


This talk will use examples of common kinds of unconscious biases to explore strategies for actively addressing microaggressions in a positive way, how individuals can get the credit they deserve, and the power of bringing coworkers on board as allies. While it uses examples of situations commonly experienced by women working in Tech, the tools provided are aimed at being useful to people of all genders in a variety of environments. We can change the world through our actions without getting into constant opposition with our colleagues.

Jamie Henderson, LinkedIn

Jamie Henderson started messing around with computers a very long time ago and has been working with them professionally for two decades. Her passion is for large-scale, Internet-facing production infrastructure and the processes needed to manage and secure it. When she’s not making infrastructure sing, she turns her energy to improving Tech culture through inclusivity and spreading the practice of growth mindset.

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