Cameron McAllister

The hardest thing for Cameron McAllister when automating something is coming up with a good name for it! With that problem solved, he has been responsible for many automated systems, most of them with slack integrations, providing a self-service model to enhance development and SRE alike. Ultimately his vision for automation over the last 2 years has proved successful, allowing huge growth in customers with no SRE growth.

Cameron is an SRE for IBM's Kubernetes Service and a lifelong advocate for automation. He hates doing anything more than once and ultimately wants to automate himself out of a job. He loves the SRE discipline, with many deep and difficult problems to solve, and great flexibility on how to go about solving them; this keeps him happy as he can bring his creativity to the fore.

Prior to working on IBM Kubernetes Service, Cameron had over a decade of experience in IBM Storage Systems, leading test and development teams across both clustered file and block storage controllers.