Wikipedia and the Lean Data Diet

Nuria Ruiz, Principal Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation


Privacy is one of the lesser known charms of Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s stand on privacy allows users to access and modify a wiki in anonymity, without fear of giving away personal information, editorship or browsing history. In this talk we will go into the challenges that this strong privacy stance poses for the Wikimedia Foundation, including how it affects data collection and some creative workarounds that allow WMF to calculate metrics in a privacy conscious way.

Nuria Ruiz, Wikimedia Foundation

Before moving bytes for good as an engineer for Wikipedia, Nuria spent time working in performance, mobile apps and web frameworks in the retail and social spaces. She learned about scale in the bootcamp of life working for Amazon in the early years. Nuria is a physicist by training and started writing software in a Physical Oceanography Lab in Seattle. A long time ago. When Big Data was just called "science".
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