Building an Effective Feedback Loop for Your Privacy Program through Privacy Incident Response

Sri Pravallika Maddipati


Privacy Incident Response (PIR) can be challenging to most organizations given the growing number of regulations and notification obligations. While most of the focus is on timely response to incidents, breach notification and quick fixes to minimize damage, the communication of lessons learnt to the appropriate product and privacy teams is often ignored. This talk focuses on maturing the incident response program to analyze key privacy incident trends and metrics which can highlight the success / progress / challenges of the privacy program.

Sri Pravallika Maddipati, Google LLC

Sri is a Privacy Incident Manager at Google with a diverse experience ranging from Incident response, privacy engineering, security strategy development, security assessments/ audits and security architecture. She plays an integral role in responding to privacy reports and facilitating the remediation of privacy issues while helping teams achieve their business goals. She thrives at the cross section of Privacy Engineering, Security Assurance and Privacy regulations. She strongly believes that Privacy is about providing transparent, unambiguous and trustworthy user centric products/services more than just compliance
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