Throwing Out the Checklist

Dan Crowley, Quizlet


Effective privacy design is a crucial component of technology products and has been a global focus area for regulators and companies alike for decades. Despite this, many classic "privacy-by-design" processes ultimately fail. Why is that? This session focuses on the gaps in most PbD processes, notably how classic PbD systems exhibit inflexibility, are under-resourced, and conflict with predominant engineering cultures. It also discusses what companies, but especially smaller companies, and their privacy champions can do to achieve better privacy outcomes. By shifting from programs designed around process-oriented mandates to programs that emphasize building a “privacy-by-ethos” culture, companies can set themselves (and their users) up for success when it comes to privacy best practices.

Dan Crowley, Quizlet

Dan Crowley is the Global Head of Trust & Safety and Data Protection at Quizlet, an online learning platform serving over students and teachers around the world. In his role, he oversees all public policy, privacy, data protection, compliance, user safety and content moderation programs. Mr. Crowley develops tools, policies and processes that maintain Quizlet as an appropriate platform for all audiences and works to ensure the responsible use of data across all of Quizlet’s products and throughout engineering, product development, design and other business processes.
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