Engineering Ethics into the NIST Privacy Framework

R. Jason Cronk, Enterprivacy


Version 1.0 of the NIST Privacy Framework invites organizations to use organizational privacy values and business objective to design a target profile. But how does an organization determine it's "privacy values?" This talk will examine 5 different models for privacy and how organizations can develop a set of custom privacy values from those models.

R. Jason Cronk, Enterprivacy

R. Jason Cronk is the author of Strategic Privacy by Design, one of the textbooks for the IAPP's privacy technologist certification (CIPT). He was designated in 2014 as a privacy by design ambassador by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner's office and has been a leading figure in privacy by design and privacy engineering ever since. Currently he works as a consultant and trainer for a boutique firm Enterprivacy Consulting Group. He can be found tweeting @privacymaverick
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