Privacy Architecture for Data-Driven Innovation

Derek Care, Legal Director, Privacy at Uber; Nishant Bhajaria, Privacy Architecture and Strategy at Uber


Building privacy governance for a decentralized and innovative workplace is challenging but can help earn customer trust and competitive differentiation.

In this session, an engineer and an attorney will explain how you can execute this during data collection and data sharing to provide an end-to-end privacy program for your most valued stakeholders: your users.

There are several challenges when instrumenting this: measuring risk for the data you collect, tailoring your security tools for privacy, sharing data with privacy in mind and quantifying improvements and investments.

In order to succeed, there is a combination of engineering techniques and management know-how that is critical. The speakers will share their experiences and lessons on how you engage engineers, privacy/security specialists and executive leadership in service of user data privacy.

Derek Care, Legal Director, Privacy at Uber

Derek Care is a Director on Uber’s Legal - Privacy team, where he has helped build Uber’s privacy program and drive compliance with global privacy laws. Prior to joining Uber, he was privacy counsel at Bloomberg L.P., and counsel in the privacy group at Bingham McCutchen LLP. He has spoken extensively on how to operationalize privacy compliance.

Nishant Bhajaria, Privacy Architecture and Strategy at Uber

Nishant Bhajaria has a B.S. and M.S. in computer science, and has built and led cross-functional privacy teams at Nike, Netflix, Google and Uber. His efforts are geared towards building tools and shaping organizational dynamics to improve privacy and protect user trust. He has spoken and written about these topics extensively and has taught courses on privacy hosted by LinkedIn as well.
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