Know Thyself and Design Accordingly

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 11:00am11:45am

Ryan Frantz, Etsy


This is a presentation about how an understanding of how our minds work, normally, and under stress, can be applied to the design and operation of our monitoring tools. We’ll focus on those tools whose job it is to aggregate, display, and disseminate information (i.e. dashboards and notification systems).

We’ll discuss a few psychological theories to understand how humans develop mental models of the world, how things like our biases and shared assumptions can be leveraged to improve the quality of information, and how things like working memory provide useful constraints that can inform our design.

Interspersed within the presentation will be examples of these ideas in practice at Etsy, such as Nagdash and nagios-herald.

Ryan Frantz, Etsy

Ryan is a husband, father, breaksmith, and storyteller. He loves to solve puzzles, play with his kids’ Legos, and learn new things. Like the harmonica.

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