Internet Freedom in the Domestic Arena

Moderator: Anita Nikolich, Research Professor of Computer Science and director of ACT Center, Illinois Institute of Technology

Panelists: Nadine Strossen, Former President, American Civil Liberties Union, and John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law, Emerita at New York Law School; Milton Mueller, Professor, School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech, and Director of the Internet Governance Project; Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, and Director of the Center for Computer Security & Society, University of Michigan; Roger Dingledine, Co-founder, Tor Project


Does the Internet empower free speech—or is it a powerful tool to control speech? Internet publishing has allowed new voices and analyses to multiply, but online publishers increasingly complain of being de-ranked, de-monetized, and de-legitimated as fake news. Individual speech has also been empowered but has increasingly met with a social media-fueled "cancel culture" that renders dissenters fearful of online attacks. This panel will examine challenges to Internet Freedom in the context of the US and other Western societies.

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