Internet Freedom in the International Arena

Moderator: Roya Ensafi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, and Founder of Censored Planet, University of Michigan

Panelists: Irene Poetranto, Senior Researcher, Citizen Lab, Munk School, University of Toronto; Hans Klein, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech; Bill Marczak, Senior Researcher, Citizen Lab, and Post-doctoral Researcher, University of California, Berkeley


A new cold war has emerged, and Internet Freedom is at the heart of it. US policies have sought to influence politics in other countries, empowering citizens vis a vis their governments, but those governments have cried foul, claiming foreign interference and destabilization. The historical record gives grounds for concern, with conflict erupting in Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine. This panel will examine Internet Freedom in terms of geopolitics between states.

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