Invited Talk: Content Moderation Remedies

Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University School of Law


This talk will consider how Internet companies respond to rule violations by their users. Typically, the responses are viewed as binary: remove the content or keep it; terminate the user's account or not. However, there are a wide range of responses in between those binary options. The talk will identify a wide range of intermediate options and explore some design principles for choosing appropriate responses to rule violations. These design principles should be useful both to Internet companies and those who regulate them.

Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University School of Law

Eric Goldman is a Professor of Law, and Co-Director of the High Tech Law Institute, at Santa Clara University School of Law. Before he became a full-time academic in 2002, he practiced Internet law for 8 years in Silicon Valley. His research and teaching focus on Internet, IP and advertising law topics, and he blogs on these topics at the Technology & Marketing Law Blog.

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