Terence Kelly

Terence Kelly studied Computer Science at Princeton and the University of Michigan. He was a researcher at HP Labs for 14 years, the last five of which devoted to software support for non-volatile memory. His research publications on persistent memory programming have appeared in ASPLOS, FAST, DISC, USENIX ATC, and EuroSys; his research publications on multi-threaded programming have appeared in OSDI and POPL. Kelly's persistent memory research led to several tech transfers, notably to HP Indigo printing presses and to the HP Advanced File System. His practitioner-oriented articles on persistent memory programming have appeared in ACM Queue and USENIX ;login:. Kelly now teaches and evangelizes the persistent memory style of programming. He has released three software packages related to persistent memory programming. Kelly's publications and patents are listed at http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/~tpkelly/papers/