Irfan Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad is the CEO and Cofounder of CachePhysics. Previously, he served as the CTO of CloudPhysics, pioneer in SaaS Virtualized IT Operations Management, which he cofounded in 2011. Irfan was at VMware for nine years, where he was R&D tech lead for the DRS team and co-inventor for flagship products including Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control. Before VMware, Irfan worked on the Crusoe software microprocessor at Transmeta.

Irfan is an inventor on more than 35 patents. He has published at ACM SOCC, FAST, USENIX ATC, and IEEE IISWC, including two Best Paper Awards. Irfan has chaired HotStorage, HotCloud and VMware’s R&D Innovation Conference. He serves on steering committees for HotStorage, HotCloud, and HotEdge. Irfan has served on program committees for USENIX ATC, FAST, MSST, HotCloud, and HotStorage, among others, and as a reviewer for the ACM Transactions on Storage.