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Alex Stamos
Eva Galperin
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Discussion moderated by Seth Rosenblatt, Editor, The Parallax


DG717 Event Space (The Digital Garage),
717 Market St, San Francisco, CA. USA


August 23, 2017, 7:00 pm–9:00 pm

Enigma Interviews are long-form, moderated chats with world-class experts in information security and intersectional fields. Events will be livestreamed recorded conversations in front of an in-house audience, with podcasts, teaser content, and follow-up interviews freely available online.


Enigma Interviews will connect cybersecurity researchers and thought leaders with Bay Area citizens to discuss the concepts, tools, and defenses needed to keep our day-to- day lives secure. We’ll be bringing various topics and experts to the stage, and welcoming questions from a live audience, to explore practical solutions and best practices. Enigma Interviews will expand on themes and conversations from the Enigma conferences, which bridge advanced research with current best practices, while examining deeper social concerns such as digital freedom, social media surveillance, and IoT. Enigma conference speakers and organizers are top individuals in the field who offer a deep pool of experience and expertise and want to see improved adoption of practical tools by the public.

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