Fabrício Ceschin

Fabrício is a Ph.D. student (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil), Master in Computer Science (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil, 2017), and Computer Scientist (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil, 2015). His research interests include machine learning, adversarial machine learning, and data streams applied to cyber security. Fabrício published papers in top venues (IEEE Security & Privacy, IEEE TBIOM, ACM ESWA, and others) and already reviewed papers for multiple venues (USENIX Security & Privacy 2022, IEEE Security & Privacy, DIMVA, ARES, ECML, and others). He was awarded the Google Research Awards for the Latin America program in 2017. Fabrício also received the USENIX Enigma 2019 student travel grant and won the Machine Learning Security Evasion Competition (MLSEC) twice (2020 and 2021).