Sanchari Das

Dr. Sanchari Das is an Assistant Professor at the department of Computer Science in the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science at University of Denver. Her research lab - Inclusive Security and Privacy-focused Innovative Research in Information Technology (INSPIRIT) Lab focuses on computer security, privacy, education, human-computer interaction, social computing, accessibility, and sustainability of new-age technologies. She received Ph.D. from Indiana University Bloomington under the supervision of Dr. L. Jean Camp. Her dissertation focused on understanding users' risk mental models to help in secure decision-making for authentication technologies. She has also worked on projects related to social media privacy, privacy policies, the economics of security, IoT device security, electronic waste security, the security of AR/VR/MR devices, and others. Additionally, she is also working as a User Experience Consultant for the secure technologies at Parity Technology and worked as a Global Privacy Adviser at She completed Masters in Security Informatics from Indiana University Bloomington, Masters in Computer Applications from Jadavpur University, Bachelors in Computer Applications from The Heritage Academy. Previously, She has worked as a Security and Software Engineer for American Express, Infosys Technologies, and HCL Technologies. Her work has been published in several top-tier academic venues, including CHI, FC, SOUPS, etc. She has also presented at several security conferences, including BlackHat, RSA, BSides, Enigma (2019), and others. These works have also received media coverage in CNET, The Register, VentureBeat, PC Magazine, Iron Geek, and other venues.