Nidhi Rastogi

Dr. Nidhi Rastogi is an Assistant Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her research is at the intersection of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, graph analytics, and data privacy. Prior to this, she was a Research Scientist at RPI. For her contributions to cybersecurity and encouraging women in STEM, Dr. Rastogi was recognized in 2020 as an International Women in Cybersecurity by the Cyber Risk Research Institute. She was an invited speaker at Aspen Cyber Summit, SANS Cybersecurity Summit, and the Grace Hopper Conference, FADEx laureate for the 1st French-American Program on Cyber-Physical Systems’16. Dr. Rastogi is the co-chair of the DYNAMICS workshop since 2020 and serves as a PC member on several security conferences and workshops. She was a board member for N2Women (2018-20), Lexington Education Foundation (2019-Present), Feature Editor for ACM XRDS Magazine (2015-17). Dr. Rastogi has worked on the security of heterogeneous wireless networks (3G, 4G, 802.1x, 802.11), Smart Grid through engineering and research positions at Verizon and GE Global Research Center, and GE Power.