Dr. Christian Folini

Christian Folini is a security engineer and open source enthusiast. He holds a Ph.D. in medieval history and enjoys defending castles across Europe. Unfortunately, defending medieval castles is not a big business anymore and he turned to defending web servers, which he finds equally challenging. He brings more than ten years of experience with ModSecurity configuration in high-security environments, DDoS defense, and threat modeling.

Christian Folini is the author of the second edition of the ModSecurity Handbook and the best-known teacher on the subject. He co-leads the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set project and serves as the program chair of the "Swiss Cyber Storm" conference, the prime security conference in Switzerland.

He stood in the first line of the defenders when the Swiss Post Online Voting system was put up for a public intrusion test in 2019. The following year, he moderated a dialogue between the Swiss government and a group of two dozens researchers on online voting. This dialogue resulted in a report with several hundred pages.

Christian Folini is a frequent speaker at conferences. When speaking, he tries to use his background in the humanities to explain hardcore technical topics to audiences of different backgrounds.