We Got This: Container Systems Security Trends

Wednesday, February 03, 2021 - 9:20 am9:50 am

Tabitha Sable, Datadog


DevOps has rapidly become the dominant system administration paradigm in successful IT organizations across many industries. A shared-responsibility model, combined with the widespread use of containers, means that many sysadmin tasks are now being performed by software developers unfamiliar with the "missing stairs" of UNIX systems security. This has led to the widespread deployment of insecure systems, but these same tools and social constructs can enable greater uptake of modern system hardening practices. It's taking a little while, but we're getting there.

In this talk, Tabitha will present a brief overview of the journey, review current challenges in container systems security, and describe how people and technologies are helping us get "there." We can run more systems with lower risk and higher change velocity.

Tabitha Sable, Datadog

Tabitha Sable has been a hacker and cross-platform sysadmin since the turn of the century. As a Systems Security Engineer at Datadog, she has a broad commission to build tools and make friends: writing proof of concept exploits, coordinating the efforts of the infrastructure, security, and product teams, and frequently saying "I wonder what happens if we..." Outside of work, she can often be found organizing or participating in Capture the Flag contests and loves "pretty much anything with wheels." You can follow her on Twitter at @tabbysable.

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