Joseph Kiniry

Dr. Joseph Kiniry is a Principal Scientist at Galois. He is also the Principled CEO and Chief Scientist of Free & Fair. Since 2002 he has held permanent positions at four universities in Denmark, Ireland, and The Netherlands, most recently a Full Professor and Head of the Software Engineering Section at the Technical University of Denmark.

Joe has extensive experience in formal methods, high-assurance software engineering, foundations of computer science and mathematics, and information security. Specific areas that he has worked in include software, firmware, and hardware verification foundations and tools, digital election systems and democracies, cryptography, critical systems for nation states and national security, and CAD systems for asynchronous hardware design.

He has nearly twenty years experience in the design, development, support, auditing, and hacking of electronic voting systems. He co-led the DemTech research group at the IT University of Copenhagen and has served as an adviser to the US, Dutch, Irish, and Danish governments in matters relating to electronic voting. He has taught thousands of students in eight universities given scientific and non-technical talks at over one hundred conferences and events.