Privacy Engineering: Not Just for Privacy Engineers

Monday, January 28, 2019 - 2:00 pm2:30 pm

Jennifer Anderson, Uber


Most privacy talks are given by privacy experts. I’m not a privacy expert. In fact, my job is to help teams across Uber access and analyze appropriate data to make our services smarter and more reliable. As such, my team is often on the receiving end of technical and policy requirements from our privacy teams. This talk will discuss how privacy and data engineers at Uber joined forces to build a privacy-protecting approach to data retrieval and what privacy teams need to know about working with data teams to accomplish their goals. I'll share specific examples from Uber engineering on how we work with our privacy colleagues to enforce least privilege, data protection, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Jennifer Anderson, Uber

Jennifer Anderson is a senior director of engineering at Uber, where she leads the product platform team, responsible for the platforms and data warehouses supporting growth and core service teams. Previously, she lead data analytics and infrastructure for Uber’s engineering organization. Before Uber, Jennifer held various R&D management and software engineering roles at VMware and Bebop. She earned her PhD in computer science from Stanford University, and holds multiple patents in performance optimization and virtual computing.

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