Timeless Debugging

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 2:30pm3:00pm

George Hotz, comma.ai


Forget reversible debugging, why is it that the concept of time exists in debugging at all? Viewing execution as a timeless trace, the open source tool QIRA(qira.me) attempts to move debugging into a new paradigm. Battle tested in CTFs, I will be presenting the tool and showing off a 10x speedup in exploit development cycle.

George Hotz, comma.ai

George Hotz first became known at 17 when he developed a procedure to unlock the original iPhone. Coming from the world of electrical engineering, he took computer security by storm, releasing jailbreaks, winning six figures in hacking contests, and soloing capture the flag competitions. But starting this year, he's switched full time to working on AI, the last problem humanity will ever have to solve. And in the process, hopefully getting an answer to the age old question, what am I? He worked for Vicarious for the first half of the year, learned a lot of machine learning, and is now trying his hand at an AI company. He believes that compression is intelligence, and thinks we have about 19 years left on this planet.

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