Panopticlick: Fingerprinting Your Web Presence

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 3:30pm4:00pm

Bill Budington, Electronic Frontier Foundation


The tabs you open shouldn't keep tabs on you.  Luckily, you can protect yourself.  The set of information left by the browser is only identifying because it is distinct from other users.  By employing a few privacy-enhancing techniques, users can effectively 'blend in' by being indistinguishable from others browsing the web.  This talk will address different fingerprinting metrics that are employed by sites, and specific mitigation behaviors that you can use to protect yourself invasive web trackers.

Bill Budington, Software Engineer, EFF

William Budington is a Software Engineer at the EFF, where he works on Panopticlick, Open Democracy Tools, and other technology projects.  As a crypto-enthusiast, he's taken part in the W3C Web Crypto Working Group and is excited to see the web grow as a platform for cryptographic applications.  He loves hacker spaces and getting together with other techies to tinker, code, share, and build the technological commons.

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