Ed Bugnion

Prof. Edouard Bugnion joined EPFL in 2012, where his focus is on datacenter systems. He is also the academic co-director of the Swiss Data Science Center and currently serves as the Vice- President for Information Systems at EPFL.

Before joining EPFL, Edouard spent 18 years in the US, where he received his PhD from Stanford and co-founded two startups: VMware and Nuova Systems (acquired by Cisco) and served as their CTO.

Together with his colleagues, Bugnion received the ACM Software System Award for VMware in 2009. His paper on “Disco” was entered into the ACM SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award in 2008. He has received Best Paper Awards from both SOSP and OSDI.

Together with Jason Nieh and Dan Tsafrir, he recently published his first textbook on “hardware and software support for virtualization.”