Interview with LISA'13 co-chairs Narayan Desai and Kent Skaar

A conference the size of LISA is no small effort. USENIX relies heavily on the contributions of the community, including the conference chairs. This year's chairs are Narayan Desai and Kent Skaar. Narayan focuses on building large-scale computational platforms and software at Argonne National Laboratory. Skaar works for VMWare, focused on distributed systems management and applications. I recently asked them about their experience co-chairing LISA '13.

5 In-Demand Tech Job Skills

Article contributed by Marcus Robertson, CTO, TrueAbility

As companies continue to move their enterprises to the cloud and the demand for qualified IT professionals grows, thousands of new technology positions are left unfilled every month. Our company processes a substantial amount of real-world technical assessments that are used to fill these open positions, which gives us a unique perspective into technical hiring trends in the industry.

Celebrating Open Access Week 2013

Every week is Open Access Week at USENIX, and this week we're happy to participate in the 6th annual global Open Access Week. Since 2008, USENIX papers have been freely available and USENIX authors retain their copyright."Two key parts of the USENIX mission are to foster technical innovation and to provide support for and dissemination of research in computer

LISA '13: Build a Sysadmin Sandbox — Interview with David N. Blank-Edelman

On Sunday, November 3, David Blank-Edelman will teaching a half-day training session at LISA '13: Build a Sysadmin Sandbox. In this interview, he offers a preview of his session. 

LISA '13 early bird registration and hotel discount has been extended until October 22, so register now for the greatest savings.

Interview with Leslie Hawthorn: LISA '13 Workshop on Recognizing and Overcoming Bias

Next month in Washington, D.C., Leslie Hawthorn and Sheeri Cabral will lead a half-day LISA '13 workshop, Recognizing and Overcoming Bias — Ways to Make Your Workplace More Successful and Welcoming. In this interview, Leslie Hawthorn, community manager at Elasticsearch, offers a preview of what the workshop will offer.

The LISA '13 early bird registration and hotel discount has been extended until October 22.

50 Things to Do in DC During the Government Shutdown

LISA '13

Register for LISA '13 by October 15, 2013 for the greatest savings.

Impostor Syndrome-Proof Yourself and Your Community

Impostor Syndrome-Proof Yourself and Your Community is a guest post by Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora. Mary Gardiner is the Director of Operations and Research for The Ada Initiative. Valerie Aurora is the Executive Director of The Ada Initiative. This article is the second installment in our new USENIX Women in Advanced Computing (WiAC) series.

How to Write a Talk Proposal

How to Write a Talk Proposal is a guest post by Dawn Foster, Puppet Labs community manager. This article is the first installment in our new USENIX Women in Advanced Computing (WiAC) series.

Interview with LISA '13 Blog Team lead Matt Simmons

In a fit of meta-ness, I decided to interview Matt Simmons. He is a well-respected blogger and has become a LISA fixture. Every year, the blog team chronicles LISA events for posterity. Here Matt tells us a litle bit more about the team.

Ben Cotton: This is your 5th year on the blog team and your 4th as team lead. What brought you here, and what keeps you coming back?

LISA '13: Show Your Badge Program

As you're planning your trip to Washington, D.C. for LISA '13, be sure to check out the Show Your Badge site. Your USENIX LISA '13 badge will help you save money at area attractions, restaurants, and shops, and will get you discounts on tours, transportation, and at performing arts events.  Here's how it works:

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