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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Internet Defense Prize

The 2015 Internet Defense Prize winner was announced earlier today at the 24th USENIX Security Symposium. Congratulations to Byoungyoung Lee, Chengyu Song, Taesoo Kim, and Wenke Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology, who were awarded $100,000 from Facebook for their paper "Type Casting Verification: Stopping an Emerging Attack Vector!"

The prize, which is funded by Facebook and presented in partnership with USENIX, recognizes superior quality research that combines a working prototype with significant contributions to the security of the Internet--particularly in the areas of prevention and defense.

Says author Byoungyoung Lee: "We have been working on how to better secure web browsers. Focusing on memory corruption issues in the web browsers, we found there are two important vulnerability classes to be protected to reach such a goal --- (1) use-after-free and (2) bad-casting. So we first tried to address use-after-free in our previous work (which was also published in this year), and we stepped forward to address bad-casting issues in this USENIX Security paper.”

Learn more about the IDP and why the award committee chose this paper in Facebook’s “Doubling the Internet Defense Prize at USENIX Security '15” blog post.

Georgia Tech’s winning team at the 24th USENIX Security Symposium are: (from left to right): Wenke Lee, Byoungyoung Lee, Chengyu Song, and Taesoo Kim.