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Zhang C, Lin X, Li Y, Xue Y, Xie J, Chen H, Ying X, Wang J, Liu Y.  2021.  APICraft: Fuzz Driver Generation for Closed-source SDK Libraries. 30th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 21). :2811--2828.
Xu Z, Zhang Y, Zheng L, Xia L, Bao C, Wang Z, Liu Y.  2020.  Automatic Hot Patch Generation for Android Kernels. 29th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 20). :2397--2414.
Zhang C, Li S, Xia J, Wang W, Yan F, Liu Y.  2020.  BatchCrypt: Efficient Homomorphic Encryption for Cross-Silo Federated Learning. 2020 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 20). :493--506.
Chen H, Guo S, Xue Y, Sui Y, Zhang C, Li Y, Wang H, Liu Y.  2020.  MUZZ: Thread-aware Grey-box Fuzzing for Effective Bug Hunting in Multithreaded Programs. 29th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 20). :2325--2342.
Xiao Y, Chen B, Yu C, Xu Z, Yuan Z, Li F, Liu B, Liu Y, Huo W, Zou W et al..  2020.  MVP: Detecting Vulnerabilities using Patch-Enhanced Vulnerability Signatures. 29th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 20). :1165--1182.
Cao W, Liu Y, Cheng Z, Zheng N, Li W, Wu W, Ouyang L, Wang P, Wang Y, Kuan R et al..  2020.  POLARDB Meets Computational Storage: Efficiently Support Analytical Workloads in Cloud-Native Relational Database. 18th {USENIX} Conference on File and Storage Technologies ({FAST} 20). :29--41.
Zheng N, Chen X, Li J, Wu Q, Liu Y, Peng Y, Sun F, Zhong H, Zhang T.  2020.  Re-think Data Management Software Design Upon the Arrival of Storage Hardware with Built-in Transparent Compression. 12th {USENIX} Workshop on Hot Topics in Storage and File Systems (HotStorage 20).
Liu Y, Sarabi A, Zhang J, Naghizadeh P, Karir M, Bailey M, Liu M.  2015.  Cloudy with a Chance of Breach: Forecasting Cyber Security Incidents. 24th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 15). :1009--1024.
Liu Y, Gunasekaran R, Ma X, Vazhkudai SS.  2014.  Automatic Identiļ¬cation of Application I/O Signatures from Noisy Server-Side Traces. 12th {USENIX} Conference on File and Storage Technologies ({FAST} 14). :213--228.
Seshadri S, Gahagan M, Bhaskaran S, Bunker T, De A, Jin Y, Liu Y, Swanson S.  2014.  Willow: A User-Programmable SSD. 11th {USENIX} Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation ({OSDI} 14). :67--80.
Yuan D, Park S, Huang P, Liu Y, Lee MM, Tang X, Zhou Y, Savage S.  2012.  Be Conservative: Enhancing Failure Diagnosis with Proactive Logging. 10th {USENIX} Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation ({OSDI} 12). :293--306.