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Faraboschi P, Keeton K, Marsland T, Milojicic D.  2015.  Beyond Processor-centric Operating Systems. 15th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS XV).
Gerber S, Zellweger G, Achermann R, Kourtis K, Roscoe T, Milojicic D.  2015.  Not Your Parents' Physical Address Space. 15th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS XV).
Chen D, Messer A, Bernadat P, Fu G, Dimitrijevic Z, Lie DJeun Fung, Mannaru D, Riska A, Milojicic D.  2001.  JVM Susceptibility to Memory Errors. Java (TM) Virtual Machine Research and Technology Symposium (JVM 01).
Milojicic D, Hoyle S, Messer A, Munoz A, Russell L, Wylegala T, Vellanki V, Childs S.  2000.  Global Memory Management for a Multi-Computer System. 4th USENIX Windows Systems Symposium (4th USENIX Windows Systems Symposium).
Milojicic D, Zint W, Dangel A, Giese P.  1993.  Task Migration on the top of the Mach Microkernel. USENIX Mach III Symposium (USENIX Mach III Symposium).