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Lv W, Lu Y, Zhang Y, Duan P, Shu J.  2022.  InfiniFS: An Efficient Metadata Service for Large-Scale Distributed Filesystems. 20th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 22). :313--328.
Lu R, Xu E, Zhang Y, Zhu Z, Wang M, Zhu Z, Xue G, Li M, Wu J.  2022.  NVMe SSD Failures in the Field: the Fail-Stop and the Fail-Slow. 2022 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC 22). :1005--1020.
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Zhang Y, Guo C, Li D, Chu R, Wu H, Xiong Y.  2015.  CubicRing: Enabling One-Hop Failure Detection and Recovery for Distributed In-Memory Storage Systems. 12th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 15). :529--542.
Zhang Y, Guo C, Chu R, Lu G, Xiong Y, Wu H.  2012.  RAMCube: Exploiting Network Proximity for RAM-Based Key-Value Store. 4th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing (HotCloud 12).