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Guo C, Campbell B, Kapadia A, Reiter MK, Caine K.  2021.  Effect of Mood, Location, Trust, and Presence of Others on Video-Based Social Authentication. 30th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 21). :1--18.
Wang KCoby, Reiter MK.  2021.  Using Amnesia to Detect Credential Database Breaches. 30th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 21). :839--855.
Wang KCoby, Reiter MK.  2020.  Detecting Stuffing of a User’s Credentials at Her Own Accounts. 29th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 20). :2201--2218.
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Snyder P, Reiter MK, Kanich C.  2016.  The Effect of Repeated Login Prompts on Phishing Susceptibility. The {LASER} Workshop: Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results ({LASER} 2016). :13--19.
Heorhiadi V, Reiter MK, Sekar V.  2016.  Simplifying Software-Defined Network Optimization Using SOL. 13th {USENIX} Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation ({NSDI} 16). :223-237.
Tramèr F, Zhang F, Juels A, Reiter MK, Ristenpart T.  2016.  Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs. 25th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 16). :601--618.
Andrabi SJ, Reiter MK, Sturton C.  2015.  Usability of Augmented Reality for Revealing Secret Messages to Users but Not Their Devices. Eleventh Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security ({SOUPS} 2015). :89--102.
Mazurek ML, Liang Y, Melicher W, Sleeper M, Bauer L, Ganger GR, Gupta N, Reiter MK.  2014.  Toward Strong, Usable Access Control for Shared Distributed Data. 12th {USENIX} Conference on File and Storage Technologies ({FAST} 14). :89--103.
Sekar V, Egi N, Ratnasamy S, Reiter MK, Shi G.  2012.  Design and Implementation of a Consolidated Middlebox Architecture. 9th {USENIX} Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation ({NSDI} 12). :323--336.
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McCune JM, Perrig A, Reiter MK.  2006.  Bump in the Ether: A Framework for Securing Sensitive User Input . 2006 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 06).
Gao D, Reiter MK.  2004.  On Gray-Box Program Tracking for Anomaly Detection. 13th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 04).
Davis D, Monrose F, Reiter MK.  2004.  On User Choice in Graphical Password Schemes. 13th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 04).
Jermyn I, Mayer A, Monrose F, Reiter MK, Rubin A.  1999.  The Design and Analysis of Graphical Passwords. 8th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 99).