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Jin D, Atlidakis V, Kemerlis VP.  2023.  EPF: Evil Packet Filter. 2023 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC 23). :735--751.
Christou N, Jin D, Atlidakis V, Ray B, Kemerlis VP.  2023.  IvySyn: Automated Vulnerability Discovery in Deep Learning Frameworks. 32nd USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 23). :2383--2400.
DeMarinis N, Williams-King K, Jin D, Fonseca R, Kemerlis VP.  2020.  sysfilter: Automated System Call Filtering for Commodity Software. 23rd International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses (RAID 2020). :459--474.
Williams-King D, Gobieski G, Williams-King K, Blake JP, Yuan X, Colp P, Zheng M, Kemerlis VP, Yang J, Aiello W.  2016.  Shuffler: Fast and Deployable Continuous Code Re-Randomization. 12th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 16). :367--382.
Kemerlis VP, Polychronakis M, Keromytis AD.  2014.  ret2dir: Rethinking Kernel Isolation. 23rd USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 14). :957--972.
Kemerlis VP, Portokalidis G, Keromytis AD.  2012.  kGuard: Lightweight Kernel Protection against Return-to-User Attacks. 21st USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 12). :459--474.