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Matetic S, Wüst K, Schneider M, Kostiainen K, Karame G, Capkun S.  2019.  BITE: Bitcoin Lightweight Client Privacy using Trusted Execution. 28th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 19). :783--800.
Sommer D, Dhar A, Malisa L, Mohammadi E, Ronzani D, Capkun S.  2019.  Deniable Upload and Download via Passive Participation. 16th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 19). :649--666.
Singh M, Leu P, Abdou AR, Capkun S.  2019.  UWB-ED: Distance Enlargement Attack Detection in Ultra-Wideband. 28th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 19). :73--88.
Matetic S, Schneider M, Miller A, Juels A, Capkun S.  2018.  DelegaTEE: Brokered Delegation Using Trusted Execution Environments. 27th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 18). :1387--1403.
Matetic S, Ahmed M, Kostiainen K, Dhar A, Sommer D, Gervais A, Juels A, Capkun S.  2017.  ROTE: Rollback Protection for Trusted Execution. 26th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 17). :1289-1306.
Brasser F, Müller U, Dmitrienko A, Kostiainen K, Capkun S, Sadeghi A-R.  2017.  Software Grand Exposure: SGX Cache Attacks Are Practical. 11th {USENIX} Workshop on Offensive Technologies ({WOOT} 17).
Karapanos N, Marforio C, Soriente C, Capkun S.  2015.  Sound-Proof: Usable Two-Factor Authentication Based on Ambient Sound. 24th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 15). :483--498.
Masti RJayaram, Rai D, Ranganathan A, Müller C, Thiele L, Capkun S.  2015.  Thermal Covert Channels on Multi-core Platforms. 24th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 15). :865--880.
Karapanos N, Capkun S.  2014.  On the Effective Prevention of TLS Man-in-the-Middle Attacks in Web Applications. 23rd {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 14). :671--686.
Reardon J, Capkun S, Basin D.  2012.  Data Node Encrypted File System: Efficient Secure Deletion for Flash Memory. 21st {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 12). :333--348.
Rasmussen KBonne, Capkun S.  2010.  Realization of RF Distance Bounding. 19th {USENIX} Security Symposium ({USENIX} Security 10).