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Bell S, Benaloh J, Byrne MD, Debeauvoir D, Eakin B, Kortum P, McBurnett N, Pereira O, Stark PB, Wallach DS et al..  2013.  STAR-Vote: A Secure, Transparent, Auditable, and Reliable Voting System. 2013 Electronic Voting Technology Workshop/Workshop on Trustworthy Elections (EVT/WOTE 13).
Zhu T, Phipps D, Pridgen A, Crandall JR, Wallach DS.  2013.  The Velocity of Censorship: High-Fidelity Detection of Microblog Post Deletions. 22nd USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 13). :227--240.
Shekhar S, Dietz M, Wallach DS.  2012.  AdSplit: Separating Smartphone Advertising from Applications. 21st USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 12). :553--567.
Dietz M, Czeskis A, Balfanz D, Wallach DS.  2012.  Origin-Bound Certificates: A Fresh Approach to Strong Client Authentication for the Web. 21st USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 12). :317--331.
Sandler DR, Wallach DS.  2009.  Birds of a FETHR: Open, Decentralized Micropublishing. 8th International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS 09).
Öksüzoǧlu E, Wallach DS.  2009.  VoteBox Nano: A Smaller, Stronger FPGA-based Voting Machine. 2009 Electronic Voting Technology Workshop/ Workshop on Trustworthy Elections (EVT/WOTE 09).
Sandler DR, Wallach DS.  2008.  The Case for Networked Remote Voting Precincts. 2008 USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology Workshop (EVT 08).
Sandler D, Derr K, Wallach DS.  2008.  VoteBox: A Tamper-evident, Verifiable Electronic Voting System. 17th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 08).
Sandler D, Wallach DS.  2007.  Casting Votes in the Auditorium. 2007 USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology Workshop (EVT 07).
de Lara E, Kumar R, Wallach DS, Zwaenepoel W.  2003.  Collaboration and Multimedia Authoring on Mobile Devices. First International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys2003).
Crosby SA, Wallach DS.  2003.  Denial of Service via Algorithmic Complexity Attacks. 12th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 03).
Mislove A, Post A, Reis C, Willmann P, Druschel P, Wallach DS, Bonnaire X, Sens P, Busca J-M, Arantes-Bezerra L.  2003.  * POST: A Secure, Resilient, Cooperative Messaging System. 9th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS IX).
Ganesh A, Rowstron A, Wallach DS.  2002.  Secure Routing for Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks. 5th Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 02).
de Lara E, Wallach DS.  2001.  Puppeteer: Component-based Adaptation for Mobile Computing. 3rd USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems (USITS 01).
Craver SA, Wu M, Liu B, Swartzlander B, Wallach DS, Dean D, Felten EW.  2001.  Reading Between the Lines: Lessons from the SDMI Challenge. 10th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 01).
de Lara E, Wallach DS, Zwaenepoel W.  2000.  Opportunities for Bandwidth Adaptation in Microsoft Office Documents. 4th USENIX Windows Systems Symposium (4th USENIX Windows Systems Symposium).